Installed my rear bumper last night. Purchased the lock & ride because of the claimed 10 minute install. Both of the top mounting bolt were boogered up and a nightmare to get threaded in. Once they were in far enough to stop the wedge from spinning I was able to get them to tighten with an impact. I did have to remove and straighten the “spreader” lock washer thing because the first time I ran the bolts in the wedge spun with the bolt. Finished product looks good but the quality of the hardware left a lot to be desired. Hopefully this thing never gets hooked on a tree or branch because I’m not sure I trust it. Should do it’s job and protect the lights and muffler though. Sorry for the rant. If you do buy one of these make sure you have an impact gun because I don;t think it would have tightened with a socket!

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