I love the look of the 4400 class – Ultra 4 cars. One in-particular ( I am not telling. You are going to have to guess)! So I have decided to create an Ultra 4 car from my RZR 900 XP. I have seen many rock bouncer / RZR powered tube chassis. I have not seen many Ultra 4 / RZR powered tube chassis.

The good, the bad, and the ugly of MY RZR 900 XP:

Short wheel base for woods riding
Trailing arms for strength
Spend money on many upgrades to MY 900 XP before this transformation! – 1000xp engine, 30” black waters , Shock Therpy shocks, forward high clearance a arms,

The BAD-
I HATE how narrow the A pillar and B pillars are to the driver!
Leg room!

Fixes for the BAD!
Moving the A and B pillar mounts out from 40” wide to 65” wideAttachment 546697Attachment 546705Attachment 546713Attachment 546721Attachment 546729Attachment 546737Attachment 546745Attachment 546753
Modifying the seat mounting

The UGLY –
My welds – haha and hopefully not the chassis

The low down!
The drivetrain will be a combination of 900 XP / 1000 XP parts.
It chassis will be 65” wide so the tires will be completely covered.
Building the chassis to fit 36” tires with shock 900 XP shocks.
Relocating the radiator to the back. RZR 1000 XP gas tank and fuel pump. Skinned with aluminum panels. Polaris Digital dash.

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