RZR Windshield Kit for Custom Cages
Fits: 2014-17 XP1K, 2014-17 XP1K-4, 2016-17 RZR 1000-S, 2015-17 RZR 900 and 2015-17 RZR 900-4.

This is a windshield kit. You do have to drill holes and maybe trim to top to fit your custom cage.
39” Wide x 27” High
3/16” Thick Hard Coated Polycarbonate.
(7) Rubber Fast Straps to attach it to your custom cage.
(1) Rubber Edge Trim for the bottom.
The bottom edge is already cut to match the contour of the RZR hood.
Made In Cleveland ohio.

This is all you need to make a windshield for your RZR with a custom cage. You get Rubber Fast Straps to attach it to your cage and a rubber gasket for along the bottom too. The Hard Coated Polycarbonate is 39” wide x 27” high. You will have to drill holes for the fast straps to match your cage. The height is 27” giving you the option to cut the top down to match the height needed for your cage. The Polycarbonate can be drilled with a standard drill bit and cut with a saw with a fine tooth blade.

We reserve the right to make modifications/improvements to our products at any time. Vehicles may have changes throughout the year. Therefore, pictures are a representation of the product you will be getting but may vary due to product revisions.

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RZR Custom Cage Windshield Kit

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