From what Dave Cole said during the live pre-show, 2018 would be the toughest year ever for UTVs with more rocks and less desert. In typical Dave Cole fashion, he goes from moderately hard, to ridiculously hard and I cannot wait to be there to witness it. During the live show, he announced a few other little tidbits. First off he said the course would include Cougar Buttes for the first time. Cougar Buttes is west of Johnson Valley and does not have the same type of big canyons that Johnson Valley is known for. Rumour has it that there will be another spectator area there, and at least one obstacle with multiple lines.

Also out in that area on the way to/from Cougar Buttes is Crowbar which was part of the course in 2015 when we went down. I could see Cole adding a trip up Crowbar to make things interesting since we will be in the neighborhood.

The other piece that Cole mentioned during the live show was that Spooners would be part of the course for UTVs. Spooners and Outer Limits have often been part of the course for the big 4400 class on Friday, but to my knowledge no other classes have gone up or down these trails.

More details: 2018 King of the hammers UTV Race Preview

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