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Pahrump Nugget 250
BITD Overall Points: 1900 Class Champions Official Results
Location: Pahrump, NV
Dates: Saturday, December 2, 2017
Format: Single Loop
Finish: 2nd in Pro Production 1900
Elapsed Time: 5:14:56.811
We started our 26 hour trip on Wednesday after work- and we had some great people join us this time; Nick Fiveash from Trail Armor and “Frenchie” who offered crew support. We arrived in Pahrump around 4 on Thursday and got a little rest. Friday we met early with Everett Crawford to go through Contingency and Tech— which went off without a hitch. At 6:30 am Saturday we lined up at the Pahrump Nugget and drove a 15 mile parade route with a police escort to the starting line. Lots of people were cheering on the sides of the road – holding up signs celebrating and cheering for all of us, which was very inspiring and great to see!
We left the start around 9 am with Russell Griffin driving the car and Everett Crawford as Navigator. We had been told the course was extremely rocky and to expect a lot of silt – boy they were not lying! Russell commented. “it was the toughest course on the entire circuit”.
We took the lead at pit one and we were doing a great job of pulling away from the pack until we had a lost o ring at Mile Marker 100. The first 30 miles were rock and then, we started falling into the silt beds. As all desert racers know — silt beds are superfine powder from 6 inches to 2 feet deep.The silt beds ran for approximately 70 miles, so it was dusty to be sure. All we could do was hope that the wind is blowing in the right direction to give you a little seeing room—but eventually you are going to be driving blind in the dust. Our navigator, Everett Crawford kept us on track and kept our speed as fast as possible.
At mile marker 100 we blew a 10 cent o-ring which caused one of our shocks to fail and also lose control of the left front suspension. At Pit 3 we told Jimmy that we had blown a shock— so he stuffed some cloths into the hood so the oil wouldn’t keep hitting us in the face. We took on a full tank of gas at Pit 3 also.
At Pit 5 we had to change a flat and we topped off the tank for the last time to make a run for the finish. From there, everything ran smooth until we got back into the rock— which was by far the most brutal section of the course. It was just full of grapefruit-sized rocks piled on top of each other. There was no way to be slow about it. “You just have to pound the cars through them. Jonathan McVay and Bobby VanBeekum were hot on our trail- so we stayed hard on the gas. We knew we had to finish 2nd to take the championship— so we were against the clock.”
We actually came across the finish line first for the 1900 class, but after Johnny came in behind us we knew we was getting second — he was technically ahead of us on time,.
We were proud to take second place, as it placed us #1 in points for the season and we were happy everyone had a good race. We are extremely proud and happy for Johnny McVay- he is a great guy and Pahrump was his first podium in 22 or 23 races.
We will be looking forward to moving up to the UTV Turbo Class next year and we want to thank everyone who supported us this season! Best In the Desert is truly the best form of racing! They put on a great show and the series is growing!
Good luck to all the competitors and we look forward for seeing all the fans in Parker, Arizona on Jan 5th!
All of us at KeysCrete Racing would like to thank our sponsors whose knowledge and expertise help consistently put us out front: DragonFire Racing, Double E Racing, OMF Performance Products, ITP Tires & Wheels Keys Country and Basch Brothers. Thank you also to Turn 2 TV Productions nd Harlen Foley Photographer.
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