XPT – Time to get Blasted!

Our premium CVT “Blaster” II has helped everyone from top racers to hard core enthusiasts. The CVT “Blaster” II is by far the most comprehensive kit on the market and has proven it’s worth in several sanctioned racing events such as SCORE, BITD, ULTRA4 and others. Of course not everyone is a racer but hard core enthusiasts have also benefitted from the consistent and high velocity fresh air that the “Blaster” provides. Weather you like to cruise low and slow on your local mountain trail or Fly low at warp speed through the open desert or dunes, the “Blaster” keeps those belt temps in check.

If our CVT “Blaster” II kit is not quite in the budget, but you would still like to have proven results we have some options for you. Check out our SD kit that utilizes the same high velocity fan assembly with a dual stage foam filter attached directly to the fan. This kit works well for open desert and dunes in dry conditions. Due to its placement it is not recommended for those that run in wet or muddy conditions. We also have our “Under Cowl” kit that uses an adapter that is mounted under the stock CVT intake cover/cowl and utilizes the nylon filter material on the cover to help filter the incoming air. This kit works out really well for those that don’t want a filter mounted in the corner of the bed or when an aftermarket cage is used that has the extra beauty bars or integrated bumpers.

So no matter your budget or build, you can have the same cooling advantage that top racers enjoy.

October Special!!!!
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If you have any questions or need more information about the CVT “Blaster” II or any of our other products, don’t hesitate to give us a call 760-955-1409.

shown Blaster II installed

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Blaster II Under Cowl – kit components

Attachment 561854

Blaster II Sand Desert installed

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