The Gladiator X Comp ATR is the newest addition to the Gladiator UTV tire line up!

The side by side machines have become bigger and badder over the last 5 years; UTV tire makers have also made great strides to make a tire that can stand up to the advances in horsepower and suspension. Gladiator has answered with their latest addition.

Gladiator X-Comp ATR

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  • Aggressive is an Understatement. This tire is a brute!
  • The tread area has two full steel belts and two full nylon belts. The result is a very stable tread and shoulder area for aggressive and proven performance.
  • X Comp M/T ATR tires are designed with two ply sidewalls for maximum felxibility and contact.
  • 10 Ply Radial Design for Optimal Ride Comfort & Puncture Resistance.
  • The end result is a tire that is strong, stable, durable and surprisingly quiet
  • Enthusiasts approved, race proven!


Also available in popular truck/SUV fitments.

Find out more: Gladiator X Comp M/T | Discount Tire Direct

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