I live in TN and since my.teenage dirt bike day’s have always dreamed of riding Dumont or Glamis.  Never had the means to do so  and then wasted my 20’s.  Long story short I am now married with a  3 year old son  and a demanding job.  My wife is a amazing one of a kind bad ass.  With our kid now  old enough to drop off at his grandparents for a week and my ability to take time off work we want to make our anniversary amazing and do this trip.  The bad,  2100 mile drive and no idea what to expect.  We have a 2015 XP 4  1000 with some upgrades.  I have to stress I want to get the most I can from this ride but need suggestions from the regular dwellers of these dune landscapes. Figure sand paddles will be a must.  I have good fiberglass shell race seats with 5 point harnesses but stock cage and shocks.  Just wide offset wheels +3 front and +5 rear. A ECU flash to remove limiters, but all stock for everything else.  

I want to ride as hard as possible.  Will my rig do it?  Any tips on best terrafirma locations and piloting.  

Would it almost be better to sell what I have fly to CA and buy a XP 4 turbo then rent a truck to haul it back home?  

Clearly I’m looking for any kind of advice.  Like should we do Glamis over Dumont vise versa. What to bring..   ect. 

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