East coast trail/rock/mud guy here, and a group of us are headed to the MI dunes in a few weeks. I have a few questions.

-What is the best way to mount a flag to the front of the rzr? Mine is an xp1k with a front bumper, specifically. Is rear mount acceptable at SL?

-I have stock clutch and 32″ Carnivores, but still have the stock 29″ Bighorns that came with the rzr. I’m thinking I should stay with the Bighorns for this trip, but what would you sand guys recommend. Not gonna buy paddles…

-We are staying at the State Park campground. Will we be able to ride the rzr straight to the dunes?

-I carry lots of tools and spare parts needed for my usual terrain. Anything special/different I may need for the dunes?

-I HATE getting sand all over myself. Is a windshield a MUST have item? Or will goggles/mask suffice? I don’t mind shaking it out…

Any other info would be much appreciated!!

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