Alright I am deciding on some new wheels/rims. I already have paddle tires in a 30×13-14 size. I had them on stock wheels for the short term and am now upgrading. I want a wider offset wheel in the rear something along the lines of a 14×9 with 5+4 or 14×10 6+4. Any reason not to go with a 10″ wide rim over a 9″?

Question 2, is do I spend a little more and do a beadlock (more weight though) or do a lighter wheel with no beadlock? The problem I have when wheel shopping is no one seems to post the weight of the wheels. So I don’t know if I am just talking 1 extra pound or 10 pounds for a beadlock over no beadlock. Drives me crazy I wish this was advertised in the specs. I am shopping on Rocky Mountain as they seem to beat everyone’s price, have a decent selection, no sales tax for me, and free shipping.

So suggestions on what to do? Oh and I have a 17 Turbo XP4

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