Seen this asked a couple of times and seeking advice myself, so thought I’d share what I have. Im headed up to Ashland next week for 4 days and would love to get to the warrior trails. For the record I’ve never ridden this route and I’ve only been to HMT once last Fall for an overnight trip. So Im certainly no expert. If anyone with experience/knowledge could correct me I’ll update the post so others can find it.

This is using BobT’s Sept. 2018 maps and trying to keep it as “green” as possible so less skilled riders can make the trip. I start at Ashland resort as its where I’ll be staying and its a good landmark that pretty much anyone can find and is on the official HMT maps.

Getting to Warrior Trails from Ashland Resort:
1. Ride the road (Cherokee Rd.) West down to the IR/PC connector (HMIR-27)
2. Take the IR/PC Connector (HMIR-27) North towards Pinnacle Creek (HMIR-27 turns into HMIR-30 several miles out, continue on HMIR-30)
3. Several miles on the connector find the left that will take you to the town of Kimball (HMIR-29)
4. Follow HMIR-29 into the town of Kimball

(From Kimball, you have 2 choices)
Option 1: asphalt
5. Take Route 52 West to the Mt. View High School road (Road name unknown, but should have signs leading to Mt. View High School)
5. About 1/4 mile before you get to Mt. View High School take the road to the right (Tallman Village Rd)

Option 2: behind Walmart
5. Take Route 52 West to the Walmart-Mitchell BR trail on BobT’s Maps
5. Take Walmart-Mitchell BR (outlaw on BobT’s Maps) and connect Tallman Village Rd. further down past Mt. View High School

6. Continue to follow Tallman Village Rd. to the intersection of Tallman Village Rd. and Riverside Drive(also known as Hwy 103)
7. Turn left to go South to the Town of Gary or right to go North towards the town of Welch

How to get onto the Warror Trail system at this point??

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