So I am planning at trip for my wife and I along with 14 of our friends. This will be our first ever trip to Hatfield McCoy. We will only be spending two full days of riding due to our work schedules so I am trying to make the most of our limited time. I was searching the forums and youtube for some ideas on trails to ride and places to stay.

I came across a video from Dirt Trax. They stayed at The Depot Lodge in the town of Man. They rode through Rockhouse and Devil Anse trails. When I looked at the “Tips” section of The Depot Lodges website they gave two different one day trip ideas. They said you could ride from the lodge in Man to the town of Matewan and back (120 miles round trip). The other trip would be from Man to Williamson and back (150 miles round trip).

These two trips would take us across all three trail systems (Rockhouse, Devil Anse and Buffalo Mountain) and give us almost 300 miles of riding. Have any of you done these trips or similar? Is it possible to do those miles in one day? Any advice is very much appreciated!!

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