Does anybody know first hand what is going on down at the old Hattfield-McCoy Little Coal River and Ivy Branch Trail systems? The most recent post about its closure that I could find was back in 2015 and I am looking to see if there is more recent information or any updates?

I understand it was purchased by a new owner a couple of years ago and HM pulled out but there is a lot of information across the web saying its still open to the public for free. I called the owner of one of the more popular cabin sites to pick his brain on the situation and he told me hundreds of people ride down there every weekend and that the new owners have never said if it was OK or not to ride the trails so everyone has just continued to ride them. He seemed like riding there is no issue at all, but I am not trying to get ticketed or have my rzr impounded.

Any information would be great. If you’ve been there recently how are trail conditions? Am I taking a gamble by going here? Are the trails worth the trip (4 hours)? How late can we ride here?


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