Hello all, thanks in advance for any insight to my problem. 2012 RZR 570, 2700 miles, 260 hrs. I bought it used in the summer time and front demand drive worked fine. Last winter, my first winter with it, it would intermittently not work, seemingly only below 32 degrees, which is when I want to plow and need AWD the most. Sometimes while spinning the rear wheels nice and slow in Lo, it would engage suddenly at random. (Right now the ruts I made sunk it to the frame.)The indicator on the cluster has always come off and on with the switch. So, I checked the fluid, and it was full and surprising clean, not milky or watery. All last spring, summer, fall, worked fine the whole time. Now, winter again, it’s cold, probably 25 degrees, and I cant get this thing to engage for the life of me. Could it be that there is a little bit of water in there that freezes and doesn’t let it engage? Could the magnet or coil be just weak enough that the cold temps dont allow it to work? Could the 20-30 times this has happened only during freezing temps over 2 winters be a huge coincidence and not temperature related at all? I’ve never checked the voltage at the diff connection but that’s my next step. My output bearings are a kinda wobbly, should I just buy and install a rebuild kit? Do a fluid change first? I dont have access to a heated shop to thaw it out and see if that works. What do you all think? It’s my first Popo. I’ve always had Hondas. This issue has me wondering if I can trust it deep in the woods when I cant even plow my driveway right now. Thanks guys and gals!
Edit – Also recently installed larger LE AGM battery and higher amp Rick’s Regulator / rectifier and my running system voltage is 14 +.

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