I’ve got a 2015 RZR S 900 that I can’t seem to keep the drive belt alive on.

The bike has around 650 miles on it, I bought it new from my local dealership. At around 500 miles, I threw a lot of parts at in including a BMP stage 3 clutch kit (which included a new primary clutch spring, adjustable weights, a new secondary clutch [tas-03] with a different helix), some 30″ tires, and a Gear Grabber Shifter. I also installed a BMP stage 1 tune and exhaust, but I don’t believe this problem is power related. There were other parts, but none that should relate to my problem.

I installed all of these parts, and reinstalled the original factory belt. I was able to drive the bike for about 120 miles before the belt suddenly let go in high range driving down the highway at about 50 mph. I didn’t think anything of it and replaced the belt with the appropriate Gates Carbon belt. Broke the belt in in low range as per the manual’s instructions and figured I was good.

I towed my RZR 1000 miles away to NM where the belt lasted for about 40 miles, some of it sand dunes. It broke going down a gravel road at about 30 mph in the mountains at about 30 degrees F. The belt appeared to have snapped. I had a spare brand new Gates belt that I installed on the side of the road. That new belt lasted approximately 1 mile and broke going about 30 mph in low range. It also appeared to snap.

I was out of belts so I took the tow strap of shame behind a Geo Tracker for a 15 mile ride on a muddy gravel road back to my truck.

I spoke with the guys at BMP looking for ideas and they suggested that there was likely a problem with my stock primary clutch housing. I took my primary and secondary clutch to the local dealership in NM to have the clutches looked at and they found them to be functioning correctly. They suggested that maybe I installed the new Gates belts backwards. So I installed a final new Gates belt, being very careful to follow the belt prep instructions on Hunterworks website and also making sure the direction was correct. I jacked up the RZR and cycled it through its RPM range to make sure the clutches shifted smoothly and took it for a drive. The new belt lasted about 5 miles and broke in half as the others had done again in low range around 30 mph at about 75 degrees F on asphalt.

I brought my RZR back to MO and took apart both clutches completely to make sure there weren’t any burs or other obstructions preventing their movement on an intermittent basis and noticed that the primary clutch has worn a groove into the clutch cover toward the read of the bike. It does not hit the cover at rest, but my working theory is that when whatever is happening occurs, there is enough force to flex the motor mounts and pull it toward the transmission before the belt breaks. The input into the transmission (secondary clutch mounting shaft) rotates smoothly and I don’t have any metal in any of my fluids.

I took it for a test drive, everything seemed alright. The belt broke again for the last time about 10 miles from home on a gravel road in low range going about 35 mph.

So in summary, I’ve broken 4 gates carbon belts, and one polaris belt (1 high range, the others low range) in less than 100 miles of driving. The breaks are always fairly clean (not wear based) as if the belt has been ripped in half. I have a BMP stage 3 clutch kit with less than 150 miles on it, and a stock primary clutch with about 650 miles on it. The vast majority of my miles have been in low range. All of my fluids are clean.

I’m at a loss at this point. Does anyone have any ideas about what could be going on?

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