Dear friends.

I am researching equipment and a method (CVT) for Installing and extracting a Constant Output Speed / Clutch-CVT-Pulley-Belt-Drive Chain Method to transmit > 50 Kw @ 3000 RPM to extract diesel engine power to drive an Alternator and other equipment from the main diesel engine on-board a Yacht. This is for diesel (Main) engine speeds of 1,800-4,500 rpm. I need a controlled 3000 rpm 50 Kw output drive. This drive chain could then be integrated into several yacht manufacturing establishments so as to simplify and reduce the number of on-board-machines required.

The further consumers of rotational power could/will be Air Conditioning Compressors, Water Maker Pumps, Dive Bottle Filling Compressors, et al.

Please reply with your best drive chain recommendations, or query me for further details. I need the output RPM to be fairly constant – hence this inquiry emphasizes Output Speed Controlled!

Very Many Thanks & Regards.

Steve Welch. @ [email protected]

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