Hi, so I’m new to the side by side world. So bear with me. I always saw them as golf carts on steroids. Sorry, but that was my take until the wife convinced me to buy one. No offense, I’m old but still learning. I do like our Rzr, its fast as hell. But I’m perplexed. I know it’s no golf cart, the suspension is amazing.
BTW, We have a 2018 XP Turbo – 2 seater which replaced a couple Honda quads. A 680 Rincon and 500 Foreman to be exact.
So, what’s with this belt drive transmission on the Rzr? I mean, seriously. Honda can put a automatic automotive type transmission on a quad, why doesn’t Polaris? Or even a manual shift transmission? I’d LOVE that.
I haven’t had to replace a belt, and we drive this toy moderately. Mostly fire road stuff. Occasional rock crawling, etc. But I’ve seen the thousands of online stories of belts wxploding after hard use. Which, seriously, should NOT be an issue.
An I being too harsh on CVT? Or are the 1,000’s of belt issues I read online simply BS. Or should I seek out a real transmission for this?
Thank you for your time.
Disclaimer, I know Polaris is not the quality of say a BMW, or Honda. But come on Polaris: for 20 grand or more a unit, give us a transmission!

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