I’ve got a 2010 800. Front diff grenaded. So I’m in the market for a new diff. Looks like the best thing to do is put a newer diff in it and do some small cutting on the steering brace. I’m good with that. Appears that what I’m looking for are part #’s 1333285 or 1333104 or 1333105 (the newer XP900 diffs)

What I’m trying to figure out is if a diff part #1333259 (which has been superseded to 1333394 and also 1333104 superseded by 1333285) will fit into my RZR. All of the research I’ve done on it says that it is a ‘Brutus Pro Loc’ version, which basically means that in lieu of the 3.82:1 gear ratio, the Pro Loc is a 3.08:1 gear ratio. Looks like they put these on the newer (2013-2016) Rangers. Based on feedback from the ratio, they are saying (from PRC forum):

“I’ve put close to 100 miles on my Ranger 900 with the new close ratio front gear case. I can immediately tell a difference in AWD operation compared to the standard front gear case. When the AWD switch is activated, there is an increase in steering effort and the turning radius increases. The old gear case allowed you to leave it in AWD all the time, if you wanted. There really wasn’t a difference in steering effort or radius between the center switch position of 2WD and AWD.”

So…from what I can tell, the front diff #1333259 (which I can get brand new for about $500) may physically fit in my 2010 RZR, I’m just not completely sure the ratio will be a problem.

Any thoughts on fitment and/or gear ratio?

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