I have a 2009 RZR 800S and just swapped the front diff, as it was toast, for one from a 2010( I believe, at least that’s what the guy told me). After swapping the diff the 4×4 was not indicating on the dash and it was not engaging. I checked the wiring and had power right to the diff. I ended up changing the driver side of the front diff case with the old one and now I have 4×4 in forward low and reverse, but not high gear. When I turn on the 4×4 switch and it is in park it does not show on the dash, but when you go through the gears, P R N L H, it shows on the dash when you hit low and reverse.
I also noticed when I dismantled both diff’s the one the was originally in my machine had a big spring and a plastic cover that went over it, but the one I just put in does not have that. could this be the issue?
I am confused as to how it could work in low and reverse and not high?

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