Hello all.

My first issue with the rzr and I’m not too knowledgeable hope I can get some help here. I was riding today and I noticed everytime I came to a stop in High gear, the engine would stall and shut off. Happened several times. The High gear would be stuck and at times hard to move it to park. Also, engine would not start at times.

It gets worse. Towards the end, I could only power the engine in Park or Neutral. If I put in Reverse, the engine would stall. If I put it in High or Low, it would literally sound like rocks in a blender. Horrible. I could rev the engine, but goes no where. I eventually got stranded half a mile away from my truck and towed it back and pushed it in the trailer.

Anyone have any idea what it could be? I’ve read it could be the rollers, or primary not expanding? Not sure how to fix but am willing to get a clutch kit if necessary. Hopefully not a new transmission as that will be costly.

Thanks in advance for the help.

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