Hi guys,

I have a new to me ‘14 XP1000 4 with 1800 miles and 140 hours. I’ve had it out once and had the clutch rollers seize, so not a good experience so far. Anyhow I figured I’d change all the fluids and go through it with a fine toothed comb before the next trip. When I changed the main gear case fluid I had two large steel chunks on the drain plug magnet along with a large amount of small shavings.

I’ve attached a pic with the drain plug for size reference. I stuck a magnet and my finger in the drain hole and couldn’t find anything else. They almost look like gear teeth but I can’t tell for sure. Any ideas where they came from? I’m afraid to ask but is the only option a tranny replacement?

Previous owner said he changed all fluids per the schedule, but had no record. My fault for believing him I guess.

Thanks in advance.

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