OK so to make things short I was in a creek about half way up the tires and backed off in a hole. I immediately put it on drive and tried to pull out but it shut off. I tried to fire it back up bit it just clicked. I towed it back to base camp and pulled the spark plugs. Would only click and occasionally do a half turn. So I towed it home and hooked a shop vac up sucked on intake, spark plugs holes and exhaust. Finally got it to turn over and pit the plugs back in changed the oil and cranked it up. It immediately sounded like straight metal to metal clanking but then smoothed off and idled fine I let it idle for about 5 mins drained the oil(it was milky) and fired it back up same thing very loud metal clanking and this time it didn’t quieten. Any suggestions I just bought this two weeks ago and it’s my second trip with it. 2014 rzr 4 800s. It cranks idles and runs fine just sounds like what I imagine a motor with zero oil sounds like.
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