Ok, I know this has been discussed but I am at the end of my rope here. I have taken off the wheel, caliper and castle but and washers. According to the YouTube videos the hub should just slip off. Then I can take off the bearing carrier. Not happening.

I am guessing either the axle splines are seized or the bearing is seized. I cannot remove the hub. I have rubber hammered it to death. Put the castle but back on and tried to beat the axle out. No luck. I can remove the axle from the diff and pull everything off. Just can’t get the hub and carrier to separate.

Please help. Was going to heat it with my trusty propane torch but I am a little afraid to heat the alluminum. It is standing upright at the moment with on blaster soaking trying to free it up.

Anyone have any good tricks on how to bust this loose?

Another note, the other side has the carriage bolt stuck in the bottom arm. I can take the nut off but the bolt will not budge. It spins and looks like the bushings and all spin with it. I tried beating it out as well and nothing.

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