We have the only kits on the market that adds an extra volume of cooling air to the XP1000 and XPT!!!

Because ours is the only kit on the market that does this you will see dramatic reductions in direct belt temperatures which is crucial to a healthy CVT system.

Although we are conservative in the results you will see, you can expect to see a minimum of a 45 degree drop in direct belt temperatures.

Our CVT Blaster II kit for the RZR XPT was recently evaluated in the October issue of “Dirt Wheels” magazine and the results were much better than we conservatively state. If that wasn’t enough word has gotten out about the “Blaster II” and Jake Carver #936 signed on to use a double stacker version of our kit as well as our Prefilter XP1000 Pre Filter Kit kit in his quest for a championship in BITD. We also just dialed in Mitch Guthrie Jr. #4503 with a similar set up. We pretty much have the Ultra4 series covered with many of the racers having great results…. John Duckworth #1920, Phil Blurton #1944, Paul Hart #1911, Phil Cagliero #21.

CVT Blaster II

When it comes to our “Quick Draw” for the XP1000 it too has been quietly helping out and keeping belt temps in check with little or no belt failures…. Russell Griffin #1970 (5th V2R) with zero belt issues, Jonathan McVay #1952 (10th V2R) and Rookie driver Charlie Barney #1072 took on the Pure UTV 150 and finished a very respectable 5th overall and 3rd in class with zero belt issues.


If you’re a racer, duner, or rock crawler our kits will give you the most efficient and highest belt temp drops of any kit currently on the market.

Here’s a quick video explaining the benefits, and a review of some of the key parts of the install.

As you can see I was having a bad hair day, lol.

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