I have a 2016 EFI 170, and the kids had it in some grass which clogged the air inlet cooling the engine. The engine would no longer rev to higher RPMs, and would only idle. After cleaning out the air inlet and letting the engine cool off, the engine would rev beyond idle and the machine would motor forward. So other than the overheating, things seemed ok. Fast forward, and a little more grass and another partial stall, where the engine would idle but not rev RPMs above idle.

The second event, even after letting the engine cool down completely, the engine would only idle. However, after about 8 hours, the engine would rev again for only about 5 minutes, and not get hot at all, and abruptly drop into idle. Wait another 8 hours, and it will run for about 5-10 minutes, and then drop back into idle.

Some simple maintenance I’ve done:
– Cleaned the air filter, and the intake between the seats
– Changed the oil
– Checked the plug, some minor fouling, but not too bad
– Load tested the battery (stretching if the problem was power not getting to the EFI)

Anyone seen this kind of behavior before and know the remedy?

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