hey guys so i am still having an issue with belt alignment i believe but I’m not sure what the cause is. my problem started when i put on a new gates c12 belt. i would fire the buggy up put it into gear and start the break in process. when i went from d-n-r, it would grind going into reverse. i don’t like grinding gears so u shut the buggy off, put it in reverse and fired it back up. went to go back to drive and same thing happened. I finished the brake in process this way. i asked around and i was told it could be a few things. to many shims behind the secondary or a bad primary clutch bearing. i took all the shims out from behind the secondary and the belt still didn’t quite settle in the middle of the sheaves on the primary. so i ordered everything i needed to swap out the bearing. ended up some how managing to crack the inner sheave all the way though from the center out. so i buy a new clutch. put the new clutch on and i still have the same issue. i have been told if this happens(and have read) that there are bigger issues to deal with but no one can seem to tell me what the bigger issues are or how to fix them. If any one could shed some light on this big pain in my hind end that would be amazing. thanks.

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