New to the forum. Any help would GREATLY be appreciated! I have a 2008 RZR 800. During last deer season my rzr started to become hard to shift. I coulndt get High gear unless I really pulled the shifter almost past the gear position. It operated like this for a while then the gear indicator on the gauge stuck on “R” no matter where you shifted. The whole shift pattern seemed to move back. Park is where Neutral normally is, so within normal shifter travel… Park Neutral and Low are the only gears i can get. There is no detent between them. The cable moves freely, I had hoped it had stretched or something… The shift lever moves freely with the cable removed. I had just replaced all the fluids. It seems like I may have over filled the trans, it was overflowing out the vent on the muffler at high speeds. πŸ™ The fluid looks good, no steel… Does anyone have experience with this can of worms?? Thank in advance!

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