I searched the threads for a while but couldn’t find an answer. My 09 800s transmission is frozen in park. It’s on level ground in a building. I pulled it into the building a couple weeks ago and haven’t touched it. I went out there this morning and it won’t come out of park. I recently replaced the shifter cable (1 month ago), and it works fine if disconnected from tranny. I tried using a wrench, screwdriver and light hammer on the tranny lever but it wont budge. I’ve seen the post about the detent balls but I am having trouble finding the location. Attached is picture of my transmission. I do not have a bolt above the gear selector. I’m assuming I need to drain the fluid and see if anything comes out. Could the detent or spring be causing this? I’ve never really had an issue other than hard gear changes. When it’s on level ground it always changed gears fine. When its in gear it runs great. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks


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