So im running a TD 4 stage ECU but cant get it to change boost properly off the switch so im running with the wastegate tied shut. Car spikes 22psi and settles around 20. RPM’s usually go right to 7600-7800 and then go up from there. If i keep my foot in it and have traction they will go all the way to 8500+ before my cluster catches up and i let out the throttle. I feel like im already running a good deal of weight but i want second and third opinions.

I have STM 72g adjustable weights and am running 90g total with 7g tungsten in base, 7g tungsten in tip, and 6g in the middle. This is using the stock arctic cat primary with a STM rzr 800 secondary. Anybody have any insight? Revving nearly 1000rpm too much without really any effort seems very strange to me with 90g already.

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