Hi, all! so I got a 2011 rzr 800s in a trade with tons of goodies and a basket case motor, 900 original miles on it and the only thing save-able is the cases and possibly the head. So i thought, why spend 2g’s rebuilding hot garbage when you own an ATV and Cycle repair shop, where is the fun in that. SO the talk got all serious about what motor, and how and blah blah, 1st I am NOT dropping tons of cash on a z1 or apex swap, too easy and far too pricey, I’m thrifty (cheap) then I had a serious brain wave. I should hoard all this stuff and make tons of money when I am done but, again where is the fun in that? I started trolling, hard, and ran across the excellent haybusa miata swap, lots of good work went into that build and it got me thinking about the challenges involved. This is when I had my moment….The rzr 800 motor runs the clutch upon the snout of the crankshaft. One of my favorite motors of all time is the Honda vfr 700-800cc V4, gear driven cams, EPIC sound, 92hp carbed highly compact. So…..why not take the clutch basket out of the VFR motor to bypass the 6 speed motorcycle tranny and wet clutch entirely. This will allow me to press a bearing into the timing plug cap,which is already in the cases. Then, this is the good part, lol I will weld the main crankshaft nut from the VFR onto a chunk of the original rzr800 crank. This snout with a nut on it gets lock-tighted and torqued onto the crankshaft of the VFR motor. The case is put on and the shaft assembly is nicely supported by the bearing in the case. I now have a factory polaris clutch hooked directly to a crankshaft, as originally intended by polaris, except now instead of being hooked to hot smelly garbage, its connected directly to one of the best motors ever built! Torque for days, excellent power and a simple form factor, no it is not 300hp but I don’t even need 180hp. I live in the mountains and not the desert, I ride trails and play in the mud and go raging down gravel roads. This setup retains all of the existing Polaris OEM equipment, the 4×4, the diff switch, the shifter, reverse, high-low ect, the speedo! It utilizes the factory Tranny and will require minimal slicing to accommodate the two harnesses, I am planning on keeping two keys, just for gits and shiggles and will be posting pics as I go along. The difficulty with most chain driven to belt driven swaps is finding the correct transfer case, getting the gearing right, then there is a clutch pedal issue and the list goes on and on and on. This way I can do exactly what polaris did, hook the well designed clutch to a crankshaft and run it to the transmission with a belt. Our initial measurements are very promising, the VFR motor looks to possibly fit into the original compartment quite nicely, although having the two heads poke up through the bed may be necessary and cool as all get out lol. My goal is to get this thing running for around 2k, another possible donor is the ninja 500, way better size and shape, same basic principal. The only problem there is the ex 500 only makes 62hp and sounds, well, awful when compared to the eminently excellent vfr motor, the only drawback really is having to sacrifice a vfr. Opinions and comments and even advice are very welcome, will start posting pics tomorrow. Has anyone ever tried this before? If so who, what, when , where!!!!! and more importantly why not!

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