After receiving personal recommendations and promises over the phone while purchasing, i have determined u guys are checked out with the rzr community. I purchased a map tuner from kombustion back in June and was told new tunes would be available soon and received a tuner that loads tunes just fine, but offers none of the additional features I was told come with the unit. I have called several times to ask about updates or new tunes and get the run around about how “they are right around the corner”. Even now u guys are working on a stage 7? Tune for the 18′ x3, but I have only 2 tunes available for my 17 xpt?? I have buyers remorse from the purchase and wish I had got my tune from someone that won’t put my machine on the backburner for over a year. I still have the wrap on the screen and everything looks brand new, any chance on a refund?

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