So I will start out by giving a little info on my build.

I have a 2016 rzr 1000.

it has JE low comp pistons
beehive turbo valve springs
carillo forged rods
arp head studs
silber turbo kit w/turbosmart wastegate with 7 psi spring installed.
power commander 5 w/ auto tune
currently running on 110 octane.
stock bypass valve still
Packard billit intake

so here is my my problem. right now running no boost controller and the vacuum line from the turbo to the wastegate on the bottom nipple I see 10 lbs no problem all the time no more. so want to be able to turn the boost up more for the sand or if we are out drag racing. so I had a HKS blow off valve that I added right under the fender where the intecooper pipe goes up to the intercooler on the drive side and with that I see 10 lbs still. I added a innovative boost controller and still only see 10 lbs no matter what. so I put the vacuum line off the map sensor back to the stock bypass valve and was seeing 13lbs and up. but it was getting cut out real bad and popping like It was trying to over boost. so I tried a manual boost controller turned all the way down and was still seeing 13+ lbs and it acted like it was cutting out. when it was tuned when it was first done we were seeing 15-18 lbs and ran no problems but he told me my 7lb spring would prolly break in some and my boost would drop and it was normal. so whats anyones take? why am I getting the popping and cutting out? its not leaning out on the wideband so kinda has me stumped. any input would be appreciated. also anyone recommend a good bypass valve to get rid of the factory one from silber.

also going AEM soon what regulator are people recommending? post some types of or links for some good ones.

with no boost controller it runs great and 10 PSI no problem at all and runs strong. but just trying to turn it up some cause you know we like to party lol

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