So looking at the aftermarket clutch setups for high H.P. applications… let’s talk about the different options….

Boondocker Ripp Tied clutches

Cheaper then STM clutches
Bigger belts
2 belt options
Lower starting ratio (lower start gearing)
High speed belt for increased top speed
Never heard any negativeside
Used with Heelclicker weights seems to be awesome.

Doesn’t fit under stock cover

Supposedly won’t fit under the Fuel customs cover either, but they think they (boondocker) have a fix for that

STM rage 6 and Rage 8

Lots of tuning possibilities
Lower starting ratio??? I think
Fits under fuel customs cover
Fit under stock cover?? Anyone?
Lots of launch clamping force

Very $$$$
Still uses stock belt??? Im not 100% on that
I have read of a lot of people that are unhappy with these clutches. Lots of problems

STM Z1 style clutch conversion

Can handle the power for sure
Will fit under the fuel customs cover
Tons of tuning possibilities
Big Belt
Cheap belts?
Lower starting ratio?

Much heavier so not recommended unless absolutely needed.


Good pricing
High claims for their HD version
Fits under stock cover?

Stock belt?
Very little info available
No lower starting ratio on the HD version

So those seem to be the most viable option for those of us take the stock clutching past the limits when the boost gets cranked up.

I usually keep mine turned down, 10psi and under 75% of the time. I do a lot of low speed trail riding and my trail tire setup is heavy as $h!t 32″ intimidators. So a clutch setup with a lower starting ratio is very high on the list. Must be able to fit under the fuel customs cover (not paying $800 for a metal cover).

My initial thought was to have a complete setup on the shelf that is just for the dunes and is setup for the boost turned up…. but after thinking more about it, the lower starting ratio would be a huge plus for trail riding with the 32s…

So I want to hear from the people that know about these clutches. Input on when one is better then the other or needed (z1 setup). How does the stock belt hold up when used with the Rage 6 or 8? I always felt the stock belt to be a weak link? Let’s get all this info in one thread so I (and others) don’t have to keep reading Tons of different threads and most of which are very dated….

Input please and thank you

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