Hello all

I have a 2016 XP 1K with lots of upgrades and I would like to revisit the NOS discussion on the XP 1000

I know many would say just go with a turbo but for about 700.00 not 5000.00 I can get a reasonable gain 20 HP with very little NOS.

I only really need this extra power when I am at the dunes and it is difficult to hit the transition at the bottom of the hill and still make enough power up the face . This is where NOS would be great in a reasonable amount to jump as far as my buddies with the XPT 1K.
In the past I have seen posts from people that NOS dose not work well with the CVT clutch because you will hit the rev limiter to quick. After these posts the subject went dead.

My thought is that when I am pulling up a steep dune face and cant hit the rev limiter it would be perfect to get the RPM back up tp 8300 or so in the meat of the power quickly.

MY Question …Does anyone have real world experience with NOS on a XP 1000…I would really like to hear some intelligent comments from people that have real experience.

By the way I have a Benchmark ECU re flash , an SLP slip on muffler , Boondocker Boss clutch and RCV axles.

Today I just talked to the owner of Boondocker (Rocky) and he said they are looking to work on this project in the spring. He prefers the turbo but he said the NOS system is a valid option for guys like me that only need more power in the situation I described ..other wise my XP1K has enough for what I do normally.

Question 2 …does any one know how a 20 HP shot of NOS compares to running a turbo at 5 or 6 pounds of boost? The reason I ask is most agree if you only run 5 or 6 pounds of boost you dont need Forged pistons and new rods. I am trying to find a way to compare Turbo boost to 10 , 20 or 50 HP gains with NOS …how much NOS can the engine handle in stock form?

Please let me hear your thoughts

Thank you

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