New to the forum but I have been picking through old posts for a few days now. I have a 2017 rzr 900 trail that I plan to turbo this spring. I am fairly new to turbos on gas engines but have quite a bit of experience building compound setups on diesels. Curious if anyone on here has done a turbo on a trail model or an S model and if so would you be willing to answer some questions for me?

I’m not looking to blow the doors off anyone that pulls up next to me I would just like a little more mid and upper range power. I also enjoy tinkering and building my own toys. I am going to keep it around 5-6 pounds of boost on 91 fuel. The plan is to use a k03 turbo off an audi and do my tuning with a dynojet power vision cx.
The questions I have are mostly whether or not the k03 will be a proper fit for the 900 engine and if anyone had experience with the power vision. Any and all input is greatly appreciated. Thanks Nick

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