Have a 2010 RZR – S with an 857cc BB kit and pieced together turbo kit based off mostly K&T parts with a Garrett turbo.

My problem is, after about 3 months of riding I started noticing some oil smoke on hard acceleration. And now I burn oil constantly, and its ruined my O2 sensor in the downpipe.

I have a rebuild kit for the turbo, I totally rebuilt the engine from the bottom to top end. I DID NOT break in the engine before I mounted the turbo, and I did not out an inline oil filter on the inlet oil feed line. So I think some engine break in debris has ruined the bearings and seals on the turbo because its clearly getting passed thru the turbo and out the exhaust.

My question is, do some of you boosted guys run a remote or self contained oiling system? I’ve seen them on LS1 rail cars and was wondering if anyone has done it on a RZR and if not, why? Is there a disadvantage to it?

I’m just not a fan of running my engine oil thru a piping hot turbo.

I know my oil pressure at cold start up is up around 80-100 psi, and someone recommended a restrictor banjo on the oil inlet, but Garret and all other turbo manufacturers say no restrictor on a journal bearing turbo.

Am I missing something? What would be a disadvantage if any of running a self contained separate oiling set up for the turbo? I have been researching the turbowerx scavenge pump, and I know weller racing sells an oil cooler heat exchanger for the XP1000’s so was wanting some feedback on pro’s and cons thanks

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