Hoping to get some help from someone that knows the in’s and out’s of tuning the PCV-PTI w/ Autotune. This is a 16 XP 1000 with an Aftermarket Turbo Kit, we believe 65lb injectors, PCV is programmed to read Absolute Pressure, Boost will be right around 13-14PSI, using VP110, and RZR is running at Sea Level (14.7PSI).

First question is does the Target A/F Table look good or does that need adjusting?

Second thing is we Zero’d out the Fuel (TPS) Table and just going to be running/tuning the Fuel (Pressure) table in the PCV, is that the correct way of tuning or do we need the Fuel (TPS) table also to get a good tune in all areas of the map?

We started to build the Fuel (Pressure) table manually (and then will let Autotune take over and fine tune it), but does that table look like it’s on the right track for a starting point or does anyone see something that we are doing wrong?

Final question (for now lol) is the ignition tables are all 0’d out, we have read that you are supposed to pull .5* of timing for every 1lb of boost, is that true and if so should we pull the timing in the Fuel (Pressure) table or do it in the higher ranges of the Fuel (TPS) table? I only ask that because we have a buddy with a 15 XP 1000 with Turbo Kit and he is actually adding 2* of timing all along his Fuel (TPS) table except at 100% TPS so that confused us..

Thanks for any and all help!

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