Hello my fellow Rzr fans!! I am new the forum and new to being a Rzr owner. I’ve rode sport quads forever and a good friend of mine introduced me to his 800S and I was instantly hooked. I purchased a slightly used 2016 1000XP Highlifter edition. On our first ride out I broke a front axle like everyone said I would. It’s a learning curve. Axle replacement was a snap. However, I was driving on the trail through the creek and it stalled. My snorkels were not under water but it wouldn’t restart. I pulled it back to the shop and performed an oil change just in case. It was showing a misfire code and found I had a plug wire jumping fire. Replaced that. Now it’s showing the code 84 & 190. I have read several threads about this and tried the in field fixes. Nothing has worked. There’s no power steering, no speedometer, the check engine light and the power steering lights are on and the brake lights are on all the time. Please help!! I don’t really know where else to start. I don’t want to just throw parts at it.

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