Hey guys, I have an issue that’s driving me nuts but may be something simple I’m not aware of. so this started this summer I was driving down the road and got 2 faults on my screen. both misfire faults. but shortly went away. then it happened a couple more times but always going away.

it happened again but this time my power was cut like throttled back. like a governor would do. even with the gas floored it would not go any faster than the speed it was going. I pulled over and shut it down. waited then fired it back up and took off. shortly down the road again it happened so I limped it on home.

read the forum and someone said they changed the plugs problem solved so I did and it worked. till this weekend. again same 2 misfire Codes and throttle back. I’ve had all recalls done by Polaris and I’m just curious could it be because of a faulty regulator? we all had bad regulators replaced with MORE bad regulators from Polaris so they had swapped them out again.


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