I need a Polaris Mechanic to adjust the intake valves on my 2012 Polaris RZR 900XP 4. I have two 2012 RZR’s and they all all disassembled in my garage where we are installing new transmissions and some other fixes. I checked the valve clearances and they are out of spec; the intake valve clearance reading cold was 0.0015 in; the spec calls for .005 – .007 in. According to the shop manual, shims are required to make adjustments correctly. I am seeking the help of an experienced Polaris mechanic that can do a house call. I live near 55th Avenue and Pinnacle Peak Road in Glendale Arizona, 85310. Even a recommendation would be helpful. My phone number is 602-882-3111. Thank you in advance for reading this message. The engine compartment is completely exposed and the valve cover has been removed so the whole operation should be relatively simple for an experienced mechanic. Thanks Steve

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