I can’t seem to find my original post so I figured I’d just re post as well as update with more information.

So I took my air filter out the other day to check it and there was about 2 inches give or take of standing oil in my 2011 Polaris razors air box. It’s a 900xp. I felt the inside of my air intake tube and the oil seems to be coming from the breather tube. (Air inlet tube).

I was told last post that the pcv/pvc Valve was shot and needed to be replaced, can any one A; give me a part number and B; shoot me some pictures of where it is located on a 2011 Polaris razor 900xp?.

I have taken the breather line off the top of the oil box and there is just a empty shell leading from the top of the oil bag with a line that goes out to the air intake line. I know there’s more to the system just don’t know where to go from here and obviously my local dealer is no help as far as knowing what part to order my so I can replace it they want me to bring it in so they can charge me 90.00 a hour to replace it with book time and mark up on parts.

If you have any idea please email me (it’s in my profile I would assume or I guess message me here.

I have the box and every thing off right now doing other parts replacement. Now would be the easiest time to get this fixed verses taking it all apart again at a later date.

Any help would be hugely appreciated.

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