Thought I would share my positive review of my new 900s. I picked her up Tuesday, and broke her in on some nice Utah mountain trails yesterday. Everything went off without a hitch and I am very pleased. We did 97 miles with a good mix of trails.

I moved from a 2 door ’15 900s so I’m familiar with the machine already. The extra wheelbase takes some getting use to, but the extra weight is hardly noticeable. These machines put up great torque numbers, making the 75hp feel like much more. The riders in the back seem to get rocks kicked up into the cab more than I ever remember in the two seater.

The longer wheelbase does make for a much more stable feeling ride at 40-55mph. It seems to track better and roll smoother over bumps.

I do wish Polaris would make a base model RZR4 as I don’t think engine braking and painted plastics are worth the $1500 to $2000 extra they charge. I’m a big guy, (hence the name) and don’t need power steering. I actually loved the feedback through the steering wheel I would get on my last RZR, but can see how I could get use to and end up liking the ease of power steering. Now the engine braking while crawling down steeper trails works well, and I’m glad I have it.

Cleanup is easier with painted plastic, but with the Two extra seats, floorboards, and more cage it’s basically a toss up.

I’ve only been out on this one ride, so I may add more review in the future. :redrzr:

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