I’m picking up an ‘18 XPT in the next month and I’m going to throw on some 32” crawlers right off the bat. I live in the Bay Area but have property up north near Tahoe and in Napa as well, so I’m thinking these will do the trick. I like top end speed on the fire roads, but I will be doing quite a bit of rock crawling.
I’m nervous that just slapping these larger tires on will harm my transmission or clutch. I’ve seen pics of the case fractures… I am also interested in having more control going very slow, which is why I’m thinking gear reduction instead of just clutch
Where I’m torn is this – how much reduction should I go to satisfy the crawling aspect?
Optimum Off-road offers a 10% final reduction and claims the straight cut gears eliminate the case fracture potential and decrease stress on gears.
There are also other cheaper gear stack reductions for low gear only, which would be ideal, but I don’t know how well the transmission will fare.
I’d like to buy once cry once so to speak.
Any help or knowledge/experience would be greatly appreciated.

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