A customer of mine was having problems putting his RZR in reverse. He asked me to check it out and figure out his concern then fix it. He just had it at the dealership and was concerned they didn’t do a thorough job and possibly forgot to refill his main gearcase with fluid. So when I pulled the drain plug to see if it had been replaced, the plug was covered in metal. I pulled the transmission (it can be done without pulling the motor and rear gearcase without pulling as a whole assembly) and when I opened up the front cover a pile of metal was waiting for me.
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There are 2 “slip fit” bearing cups that have shims behind them. The manual says: “NOTE: Record the number and thickness of shims for reassembly.”
Part of that pile of metal are the shims. The manual doesn’t help me figure out which shims to use. Has anybody run into this problem with the shims? Before I call Polaris next week I was hoping somebody could point me in the right direction figuring this out.

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