I have a 2008 RZR, the first edition πŸ™‚ and recently i had problems with the gear selector and 4×4. I will put in High gear and 4×4 is on but after a while driving the H goes off the display and 4×4 stops working. I still have 2 wheel drive and normally at this time the check engine light comes on. After a few more minutes the H is back on and everything works normally. I am thinking maybe a sensor is dirty but i do not know where to look.
This happened the first time a few years ago after running in some standing watter and splashing the underbody but it corrected itself and did not have the problem until recently. This time no water and seems to be happen more often.
I appreciate your help, I was able to find help here every time I had an issue with my machine. Thank you.

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