I bought a 2011 RZR EPS last month… been changing fluids, fixing all the little things and replacing bits and pieces.. nothing major so far….

But I have to pull the passenger and driver side seat belts… one would not retract (Driver) and the other would not release (passenger).

I did wash them out really good and sprayed silicone on the “ball lock” mechanism.. the passenger side got better, but i think the drivers side is broke/rusted up.

I broke (had to cut) the mounting bolt to remove the drivers side.

Now my local Polaris dealer (did not buy from there, but seems to be willing to answer questions), said he can sell me what I believe are brand new take-offs for $80 each.

I know if I look at the online retailers the belt is ~$180+ each……. :surprise

The wife and I are not going wild on the trails, so I think the standard belts are going to be fine…. I have found 3 or 4 point harness that vary from inexpensive to very expensive. I have bought out-of-spec from racers for go-carts in the past,….
But adjusting them for the fit is a pain.

If I go with my local Polaris dealer at $80 each deal, does that sound reasonable?



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