I have been checking everything on the front end of my machine for a month and finally solved what the clunk/pop/bang or whatever I can say to describe it is. The sound would happen while at reasonable speed over some potholes or rough stuff specifically when one wheel was affected with a bump/hole and the other was not. Its my skidplate. I would hear it on the left or right depending which side hit. I removed and cleaned my skidplate. I realized that hitting the skidplate from the underside (while bolted on) in specific areas resulted in a fairly loud “clack” . the plastic plate hits the frame and makes a significant noise. seems it only happens in certain situations and I suspect has something to do with frame twisting slightly or maybe just the skidplate vibrating. after reassembling it I drilled 6 small holes and tyrapped several noisy side and front areas to the steel frame. I also put one half of some soft side velcro on the underside frame so that the skidplate cant touch the frame in a couple spots.
hard to believe but it was significantly loud. skidplate is like a huge speaker under there.
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