Hey all!

My parents just purchased a RZR a few weeks ago (The carrier bearing went out within 75 miles after they bought it, and this forum helped me isolate the problem and fix it myself, being a 19 year old kid with no experience in fixing stuff like that, so thank you RZR Forum!!). My buddies and I want to take it up to our cabin in the U.P. of Michigan, but we are worried about the weight limit. I’m a big guy (too big at that), and with 3 others in the vehicle, we’d be approx. 50lbs over the 900lb payload capacity. Just wondering if that limit is something I should strictly be following, and what the dangers are of being over. I want to be as safe as possible, because I understand how powerful these machines are and that things can happen if proper precautions aren’t taken.

Also, I replaced the carrier bearing with another OEM part. Should we upgrade to aftermarket before this one blows out? I read here on the forums that SuperATV is a good place to pick one up. My parents also want me to look for a storage bin, gas can, side mirrors, soundbar, and a hard top (we have a soft top right now). Any and all help with that would be much appreciated.

I apologize if I posted in the wrong spot. I’m new here, so please feel free to give me any tips on using the forum properly.

Thank you, and stay safe out on the trails! :grin

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