I have a new 2017 900 S. I went to start the RZR the other day and battery was just about dead. Showed 7.4 volts. Wouldn’t start. This only after having the RZR for about a month and after my first ride. I have a Pro Armor Radio and I think that is what is drawing. Would the radio draw that much juice while riding? I’m not sure if its drawing while the RZR is parked and off also? I was able to quickly jump it with my jump kit. So yesterday I installed charger leads on the battery so I can keep it on trickle. I noticed today my charger was flashing saying that battery is no good and when I turned the key to accessory I was down to 12.3 volts. It started and jumped to 14.2 volts while idleing. So, with my jump kit, it has a desulfate mode that I’m running now. But I think the radio might be the issue, I checked the radio wireing and it looks correct, the dealer installed for me. whats going on? what to do?

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