Hey people……….My LE/rockcrawler has 1500 miles, owned it a couple months. Stock except a custom cage and some add-ons. Been enjoying it but when in 4×4 it is noisier and feels rough. Changed oil in the front diff and trans at 250, 750, and 1250 miles the trans fluid looked good at 1250. The front diff looked mostly clean but there was some metal in evidence. But no metal on the drain plug. Rarely use 4X4 as it gets around well anyhow In the AZ desert for now. So do I just have a noisy unit or do I have a potential problem? Considering leaving it in 4X4 all the time in hopes that any potential problem will become a real problem before my warranty runs out. This is my first RZR and don’t have any other rigs to compare it to. Thanks in advance for any input……..Mardog

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